Unit 9

Fractions and Accurate Drawing


The intention of this unit is to secure and build upon knowledge from Key Stage 2 and Year 7 and to introduce new concepts that lay the foundations of key concepts that will underpin units in Year 9 such as

We want all student to become keen problem solvers and agile mathematical reasoners. This unit in particular develops these skills with


For each strand in the unit students begin with lessons refreshing Year 7 knowledge before new concepts are introduced. At the end of each strand there are revision and mastery lessons to consolidate and ensure all students have picked up on new ideas.

From the 3rd week of the unit students will complete a weekly knowledge check so they can measure how their knowledge and expertise is building before the test.

During this unit there will be two longer written homework tasks which include a skills check as well as problem solving questions. Students will have an opportunity to follow-up and improve their work.


The impact of this unit of work will be measured through a 45 minute written assessment. The assessment will feature questions similar to the skills check and homework tasks. The assessment will cover every aspect of the unit of work and using the knowledge organiser together with this website is a great way to prepare for the test.

Topics covered in this unit: